Hotel Spa La Casa del Rector, Almagro


La Casa del Rector, Almagro

La Casa del Rector, Almagro

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Welcome to the Hotel Spa La Casa del Rector in Almagro (near Ciudad Real) in Castilla-La Mancha. Come with us to experience three totally different styles brought together under the roof of one hotel.

Enter into the history and the tradition, into the eclecticism and the avant-garde, and into the most modern hotel ethos of themed surroundings conceived to be truly ‘lived’ and ‘experienced’.

Traditionally, the central courtyard was the main focus of everyday life for households in La Mancha and the setting for a range of daily activities. Through the concept of the three different courtyards, we base our work in the hotel, with the idea of recreating the original feeling of the traditional Manchego house. With this in mind, therefore, we have positioned all our rooms around the courtyards representing tradition, innovation and design.

Traditional Rooms
The cosy rooms of this area are spread out around a covered, ceramic mosaic, inner patio. Stone, wood, wrought iron and a tiled floor are just some of a variety of materials that have been specifically selected to bring to life the warmth and charm of the traditional Manchego courtyard. If this area could be summed up in a single word, it would be: Tradition.

Modern Rooms
The rooms of the second courtyard are characterised by a sense of peace and tranquillity. Each of them gives out over a backdrop of clay and red ochre walls, volcanic stone and water, where the charm of the plants, the sunlight sparkling on the flowing water and the silent murmur of the fish in the ponds merge to form an oasis of calm. Light.

Design Rooms
These fifteen rooms are spread out along trendy corridors decorated with wood and steel. The walls are adorned with colours so that they can be ‘experienced’ in all their glory. The white stone and the sound of the flowing water combine to create a relaxing atmosphere. In a single word: Calm

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Tel: (+34) 926 261 259
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